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Quick Users Guide:

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Select the file(s) you want to share from your computer by clicking the "Browse" button
  2. Click the "Upload File Now" button. What this does is copy your file(s) into a holding area on the web server. Shared files are stored in the holding area for 1 days and then they're automatically deleted. This prevents the holding area from becoming cluttered.
  3. Complete the details about who you are, your email address is, the email address(s) of recipient(s) you're sharing the file with, an email subject, any comments you wish to make, then click the "Email Details Now" button. What this does is send a small email to the recipient(s) you've specified, telling them that there are file(s) waiting for them to collect and telling them how to collect it/them. You'll also receive a small email confirming the details of your transaction.
That's it!

Share a File Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Hints

  1. To share the same file with many recipients:

    Nominate the email address of the main recipient in the "To:" field of the form presented in Step 2, and one or more email addresses in the "Cc:" field of the form. Multiple email addresses need to be separated by a comma eg. person@here.com,another@there.com

  2. To share many files with the same recipient(s):

    Up to ten files may be shared at a time by pressing each of the available "Browse" buttons and selecting appropriate files. If you wish to share more than ten files, the easiest way is to create a zip archive on your computer containing the files you want to share, then share this single file with the intended recipient(s). You may create the zip archive using something like 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org) or WinZip (http://www.winzip.com) on Windows, ZipIt (http://www.maczipit.com) or zip ( http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/) on Linux.

  3. Only files that are less than 1 MB big will be shared. This is to prevent the File Sharing Facility server from being filled and to save you upload time.

  4. Only files having the following upper or lower case extensions may be uploaded (even if they're inside a compressed or zipped archive): .ai   .avi   .dat   .dmg   .doc   .eps   .indd   .jpeg   .jpg   .lha   .log   .lzh   .mdb   .mde   .nrg   .pdf   .ppt   .ps   .psd   .qxd   .rtf   .sit   .tif   .tiff   .ttf   .txt   .vsd   .xls   .xtg   .zip  

  5. You will have the option to select a username and password combination which must be entered before the file will be shared with the your intended recipient(s).

    1. Username and password are CASE-SENSITIVE and must be entered by the recipient(s) EXACTLY as you entered them in the system.
    2. For security, you will need to communicate the username and password to the recipient(s) by some method other than the File Sharing Facility eg. by phone.

  6. For additional privacy, you may choose to have your shared file stored in the Holding Area in encrypted form. File Sharing Facility will only decrypt the file for the nominated recipient(s).

    To maintain File Sharing Facility server performance and to save you time, files accepted for encryption need to be smaller than 1 MB.

  7. An Anti-SPAM verification code is used by File Sharing Facility to discourage nasty email spammers from using File Sharing Facility to send bulk unsolicited emails. The verification code is a sequence of upper-case letters displayed as an image. You must enter the letters in the same sequence AND in upper-case in order for the code to work.

A Note about Proxy Settings for Internal Users:

You may need to add www.paknpost.com to the list of proxy exclusions in your web browser in order to retrieve some file types.


Open your web browser, click Tools from the menu-bar, choose Options, click the General tab, click Connection Settings, select Manual proxy configuration, in "No proxy for" box go to the end of the entries in the box and type , then www.paknpost.com then click OK twice (once for each of the open dialogue boxes).

Internet Explorer:

Open your web browser, click Tools from the menu-bar, choose Internet Options, click the Connections tab, click the LAN Settings button, click the Advanced button, and in the Exceptions text box, go to the end of the entries in the box and type ; then www.paknpost.com then click OK three times (once for each of the open dialogue boxes).

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