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File Sharing Facility
Step 1: Select a File or Files to Share

Find a file on your local computer by pressing the "Browse" button, or enter the file's name and directory path. You may select up to ten files. Press "Upload Now" button JUST ONCE to publish the selected file(s) to the File Holding Area.

Your Holding Area can hold up to 1 MB  and individual files up to 1 MB in size may be optionally encrypted.

Please note: Only files having the following upper or lower case extensions may be uploaded (even if they're inside a compressed or zipped archive):

.ai   .avi   .dat   .dmg   .doc   .eps   .indd   .jpeg   .jpg   .lha   .log   .lzh   .mdb   .mde   .nrg   .pdf   .ppt   .ps   .psd   .qxd   .rtf   .sit   .tif   .tiff   .ttf   .txt   .vsd   .xls   .xtg   .zip  

If you experience difficulties, please contact the administrator.

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